Friday, February 17, 2017

ASUS C302 or Samsung Chromebook Plus? I made my decision.

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So earlier this week I got two of the latest and greatest Chromebooks available to do some testing and comparison. I just wanted to let you guys know that after a week of daily use of the ASUS C302 and Samsung Chromebook Plus, I felt that for the price the ASUS met more of my needs.

The Samsung had a better screen and the pen was a cool/fun feature but not something I could see myself using on a regular basis. The performance overall was better on the ASUS and since this is a computer I plan to keep around for a while I wanted to make sure it wouldn't bog down within the next year or two. The m3 processor is perfect for what I need while the ARM processor had occasional slowdowns and did not handle multi-tasking nearly as well, especially when I would try to use it in tablet mode.

Speaking of which, tablet mode on the Samsung was fantastic and if you plan to use your Chromebook in tablet more than 50% of the time I highly recommend Samsung's Plus or wait for the Pro. The ASUS is just awkward to hold in tablet form (portrait orientation) while the Samsung felt like an actual tablet and the 3:2 screen is perfect for that application. Battery life was slightly better on the ASUS (around 9.5 hours) which was one of my top priorities and I enjoyed using the trackpad more than Samsung's. Neither device had stellar audio but the ASUS IMO was slightly better but I doubt I will use the speakers on it much.

The ASUS keyboard is one of the best keyboards I have used even compared to my old Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. The aesthetics of the ASUS appealed to me more due to the backlit keyboard, sharp edges, and 16:9 screen. I think the 3:2 screen of the Samsung is definitely best for productivity but I enjoyed watching movies and shows on the ASUS more. The software bugs were also more evident on the Samsung for whatever reason. Apps that would run fine on my ASUS struggled or didn't work at all on the Samsung.

I'm may look into the Samsung Pro when it comes out later this year but for now the ASUS C302 is the winner for my needs. I appreciate everyone's input and am glad that I could help some of you out and hope that you guys enjoy whatever decisions you came to. Everyone's priorities are different and there is no perfect Chromebook to rule them all. Not everyone may agree with my decision but I think one thing we can all agree on is that the future for Chromebooks and ChromeOS is bright.

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