Saturday, January 28, 2017

iPads to Chromebooks with @davebast

iPads to Chromebooks? My interview with Dave Bast from Holland Public Schools shows that it’s not about the tech you select, but the learning you can enable.

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Dave Bast is a technology integration specialist with Holland Public Schools in west Michigan. Dave helped Holland launch one of the first 1:1 iPad programs in the state of Michigan in 2011. Four years later, Holland Public decided to replace their iPads with Chromebooks. This is the story of how that decision was made and the factors behind it.

A Key Discovery During the Pilot Program

After implementing several pilot classrooms with a variety of technology, Holland Public realized that the most important thing they could do was to get technology into the hands of the students. Every student. Many forms of technology are focused on the teacher (interactive whiteboards) or only some teachers (shared programs, labs, carts, etc). Dave shares the story behind the decision to figure out how to get technology into the hands of every student.

iPads to Chromebooks

Dave discusses four iPad challenges that caused administrators to thinkg about switching to a different device. A small Chromebook pilot program at a project-based alternative school sold the district and won over many teachers and students to the idea of moving from iPads to Chromebooks.

Purpose before Technology

“Your first question should not be what tool should we use, it should be what do we want our students to do?” Dave wraps up our discussion by sharing the focus behind Holland Public’s technology initiatives and his tips for any school considering launching a 1:1 program.

In this episode:

  • The key component to Holland Public’s 1:1 program
  • Four iPad challenges
  • How to plan a 1:1 program
  • The importance of piloting new technology before a full launch.

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